Fudan International School rewarded by Renault China at Shanghai on September 11th, 2016


Fudan International School (FDIS) was participating in the international challenge “your ideas your initiatives” for the second time. The team “The Road Knights” developed a project to raise people's awareness of the “door problem” since, without caution, passengers opening their car doors can accidently hit and injure cyclists. They adopted a combination of online and offline approaches, using holiday marketing method, to spread their messages. They used WeChat, the most popular social platform in China, publishing a total of 18 articles, and they developed an online game related to door-opening. To capture the people’s attention they went in public places, dressed as Kumamoto Bears or Cardboard Robots, wearing their WeChat QR code to motivate people to follow the project. They created slogans to reinforce the significance of watching out before opening a car door and obtained the support of the Public Transportation Company to place them on public buses in Qingpu District.